Who is the Father of Modern Seismology?

John Milne is known as the father of Modern Seismology.

Here are some quick facts about John Milne:

Birth 30 December 1850
Death 31 July 1913
Occupation Scientist, Educator, Foreign advisor to Japan
Known for Foreign advisor to Meiji Japan
Awards Lyell Medal (1894), Royal Medal (1908)

John Milne - Father of Modern Seismology

John Milne — Father of Modern Seismology

John Milne is considered the father of modern seismology, having developed the first practical seismograph. He spent much of his life studying earthquakes, modeling their paths and estimating the amount of energy released during an event.

His work helped define earthquake zones around the world, determining where earthquakes were likely to occur and alerting people in risky areas to the danger they faced.

One of Milne’s first projects was to create a network of seismographs across Italy, a project funded by Prince Roland Bonaparte. Eventually he began building seismographs in Hong Kong, Krakow and other locations so that he could track seismic events around the globe.

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