Who is the Father of Modern Novel?

Henry Fielding is known as the father of Modern Novel.

Here are some quick facts about Henry Fielding:

Birth 22 April 1707
Death 8 October 1754
Occupation Novelist, Dramatist, Essayist
Education Eton College
Notable Works Amelia, Historical Register For the Year 1736, Joseph Andrews, Pamela, Shamela, The Covent Garden Journal, The Life of Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great, Tom Jones

Henry Fielding - Father of Modern Novel

Henry Fielding — Father of Modern Novel

Henry Fielding was a prolific English novelist and dramatist known as the “father of the modern novel.”He is best known as the author of Shamela (1741), Joseph Andrews (1742) and Tom Jones (1749).

His contemporary, Samuel Richardson, was a master at fashioning stories in which young women are terrified by villains who ultimately find their comeuppance.

Fielding’s novels take that model and turn it upside-down, putting “good” people under just as much pressure but showing them overcoming every challenge with fortitude and good nature.

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