Who is the Father of Modern History?

Bishop William Stubbs is known as the father of Modern History.

Here are some quick facts about Bishop William Stubbs:

Birth 21 June 1825
Death 22 April 1901
Alma mater Christ Church, Oxford
Subjects Of Study Middle Ages, England, Constitution
Denomination Anglican

Bishop William Stubbs - Father of Modern History

Bishop William Stubbs — Father of Modern History

Bishop William Stubbs is the father of modern history .

He was the first holder of a chair of history at any English university and is considered one of the most important historians of his era. His famous History of the English Church and People stands as one of the great achievements in English historical writing and it established him as Britain’s foremost medieval historian.

He was one of those asked by Prime Minister Gladstone to advise the government on home rule for Ireland; his report resulted in the creation of an Irish Land Commission which he regarded as his most important achievement.

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