Who is the Father of History?

Herodotus is known as the father of History.

Here are some quick facts about Herodotus:

Birth 484 BC
Death 425 BC
Notable work The Histories
Birthplace Halicarnassus, Anatolia
Parent(s) Lyxes (father), Dryotus (mother)

Herodotus - Father of History

Herodotus — Father of History

Herodotus was born a few decades after the Greek city-state of Athens defeated the Persian Empire in the Greco-Persian Wars (490-479 BCE). He was an Athenian who traveled extensively throughout Egypt and the Near East, and he collected stories from the people he met on his journeys.

His most famous work is The Histories, which recounts the wars between Persia and Greece—and, in particular, how those wars came to be. Herodotus wrote about what he saw firsthand and interviewed people who had witnessed events firsthand. His goal was to produce an accurate history that would capture all of the human experience, not just one limited perspective.

He is known as the “Father of History” because he is credited with writing the first historical account of events that took place in Greece, the Persian Wars.

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