Who is the Father of Geography?

Eratosthenes is known as the father of Geography.

Here are some quick facts about Eratosthenes:

Birth 276 BC
Death 194 BC
Occupation Scholar, Librarian, Poet, Inventor
Known for Sieve of Eratosthenes, Founder of Geography
Birth Place Cyrene

Eratosthenes - Father of Geography

Eratosthenes — Father of Geography

Eratosthenes (c.276 BC–c.194 BC) is widely considered the father of geography. A Greek mathematician, astronomer and geographer who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, he made several important discoveries in his lifetime:

He correctly calculated the circumference of the Earth to within 150 miles of its actual size.

He created a map of the world that was considered accurate at the time.

He was able to calculate longitude by measuring the angle of sunlight at noon on two different days in two different cities—a method still used today by navigators.

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