Who is the Father of General Management?

Henri Fayol is known as the father of General Management.

Here are some quick facts about Henri Fayol:

Birth 29 July 1841
Death 19 November 1925
Education Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne
Occupation Economist, Engineer, Entrepreneur
Known for Fayolism

Henri Fayol - Father of General Management

Henri Fayol — Father of General Management

Henri Fayol was a French engineer and businessman who is considered the father of general management. He developed the principles for managing a business in 1916 and published them in his book, General and Industrial Management.

Fayol believed that management should focus on planning, organizing, leading and controlling. He also thought that managers should be experts in their fields and hire people to do work for them.

He is often credited with inventing five principles of management: unity of command, which means there should be one person in charge; specialization of labor; delegation of authority; unity of direction; and centralization of decision-making power.

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