Who is the Father of Demography?

John Graunt is known as the father of Demography.

Here are some quick facts about John Graunt:

Birth April 24, 1620
Death April 18, 1674
Notable Works Natural and Political Observations, Made Upon the Bills of Mortality
Subjects Of Study London, Mortality, Mortality table, Survivorship curve
Birth Place London, England

John Graunt - Father of Demography

John Graunt — Father of Demography

John Graunt is the father of demography, a term he invented. He created the first life tables and studied their implications for human longevity, health and epidemiology. His curiosity about numbers led him to study large scale human activity and patterns that were not apparent by examining individual lives. He recorded births, deaths, cause of death and colour of hair as well as other physical characteristics against individuals.

His detailed analysis of births, deaths and marriages in London during the 17th century laid the foundation for the field of demography.

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