Who is the Father of Comparative Politics?

Learn about the father of Comparative Politics and highlights about their life.

Aristotle is known as the father of Comparative Politics.

Here are some quick facts about Aristotle:

Birth 384 BC
Death 322 BC
Notable work Corpus Aristotelicum
Main interests Biology, Zoology, Psychology, Physics,Metaphysics, Logic, Ethics, Rhetoric, Aesthetics, Music, Poetry, Economics, Politics, Government, Meteorology, Geology
Education Platonic Academy

Aristotle - Father of Comparative Politics

Aristotle — Father of Comparative Politics

Ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle is known as the “father of comparative-politics”.

Aristotle’s thought on politics, ethics and natural science has left a lasting impression on generations of thinkers. His Politics was the first systematic account of political life and remains one of the most important works on political philosophy from ancient times.

Its authority is such that it has influenced all later accounts of politics. The Ethics is a cornerstone of Western ethical thinking and continues to inspire philosophers today through its innovative moral psychology

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