Who is the Father of Civics?

Benjamin Franklin is known as the father of Civics.

Here are some quick facts about Benjamin Franklin:

Birth January 17, 1706
Death April 17, 1790
Education Boston Latin School
Political party Independent
Resting place Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Benjamin Franklin - Father of Civics

Benjamin Franklin — Father of Civics

Benjamin Franklin was a man of many talents: writer, inventor, statesman, and more! He is considered as the father of civics—the study of how government works.

Franklin’s most famous contribution to civics was his belief in the idea that any person could be successful if they were willing to work hard enough. He lived by this saying in everything he did from his early days as a printer’s apprentice to his later years as President of Pennsylvania and Ambassador to France.

He died in 1790 at age 84, leaving behind a legacy of civic involvement for future generations to follow.

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