Who is the Father of Ayurveda?

Charaka is known as the father of Ayurveda.

Here are some quick facts about Charaka:

Birth c. 1st century CE
Death c. 2nd century CE
Known for Charaka Samhita
Fields Medicine
Books Charaka Samhita, Sutra sthana

Charaka - Father of Ayurveda

Charaka — Father of Ayurveda

Charaka is the father of Ayurveda, an Indian medical practice that dates back about 2000 years. It’s still practiced today in its original form, but has also been adapted to fit with modern medicine.

He was a doctor and a philosopher who wrote many books on Ayurveda. His most famous work is called Charaka Samhita (The Compendium of Charaka).

Charaka believed that health is more than just not being sick: it’s about maintaining balance between all aspects of life—physical, mental, and spiritual. Ayurveda uses a combination of herbs and other natural remedies to treat illnesses and diseases; it also teaches people how to live healthier lives overall through exercise, diet, lifestyle choices like sleeping habits or meditation techniques (like yoga or qi gong), etcetera.

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