Who is the Father of American Geography?

William Morris Davis is known as the father of American Geography.

Here are some quick facts about William Morris Davis:

Birth February 12, 1850
Death February 5, 1934
Known for Cycle of erosion, Peneplains, Often called the “father of American geography”
Awards Hayden Memorial Geological, Award (1917), Vega Medal (1920), Penrose Medal (1931)
Fields Geography, Geomorphology, Geology, Meteorology

William Morris Davis - Father of American Geography

William Morris Davis — Father of American Geography

William Morris Davis was a geographer and professor who is best known for being the father of American geography.

He developed a system for classifying landforms based on their relief, which helped make it easier for people to understand how terrain affects climate and weather patterns.

This system became widely used in America and Europe during the late 19th century, when it was adopted by the U.S. Geological Survey and other scientific organizations around the world.

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