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100 Words Essay on Zombies

What Are Zombies?

Zombies are fictional creatures that appear in horror movies, books, and television shows. They are typically portrayed as mindless, reanimated corpses that feed on living human flesh. Zombies are typically depicted as slow-moving, shambling, and decaying creatures, but some stories portray them as more intelligent and capable of speech.

Origin of Zombies

The concept of zombies originated in Haitian folklore, where they were said to be created by voodoo priests. In the early 1900s, stories and films about zombies became popular in the United States. Since then, zombies have become a popular and enduring subject in horror media.


In conclusion, zombies are fictional creatures that have been featured in horror media for over a century. They are typically portrayed as reanimated corpses that feed on human flesh. The concept of zombies originated in Haitian folklore and has since become a popular and enduring subject in horror media.

250 Words Essay on Zombies


Zombies have become increasingly popular in today’s culture, from movies to television shows and even video games. They have become a huge part of our lives, but what exactly are zombies? This essay will discuss the origin, types, and cultural representation of zombies.


Zombies first emerged in Haitian folklore, where they were believed to be dead people brought back to life by a Voodoo sorcerer. This is where the popular belief that zombies are created through an infectious virus or some other form of contagion originates. However, this is not the only way in which zombies have been depicted in popular culture.


There are two main types of zombies: the classical zombie, which is the shambling, undead creature seen in many movies, and the modern zombie, which is much faster and more intelligent. In recent years, zombies have become more complex and varied, with some being depicted as humans infected by a virus or even as robots.

Cultural Representation

Zombies have become part of popular culture through movies, television shows, and video games. These media portrayals of zombies often focus on a zombie apocalypse, in which the undead have overrun the world and the few remaining humans must fight for survival. These depictions have led to the emergence of a zombie subculture, in which fans of the genre dress up as zombies and attend conventions and other events.


In conclusion, zombies have become an integral part of our culture, from their origin in Haitian folklore to their modern portrayal in popular culture. Their popularity has spawned a whole subculture of fans and enthusiasts, and they have become an iconic figure in our lives.

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