Essay on The VIP Cult Is a Bane of Indian Democracy

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100 Words Essay on The VIP Cult Is a Bane of Indian Democracy

The VIP Cult: An Introduction

The VIP (Very Important Person) cult refers to the special treatment given to a select few in India. This includes politicians, bureaucrats, and celebrities, among others. This culture is often seen as a problem for Indian democracy.

The Problem with VIP Culture

The VIP culture creates inequality. While the VIPs enjoy special privileges, the common citizens face difficulties. This is against the principle of equality, which is a cornerstone of democracy.

Impact on Democracy

The VIP culture undermines the democratic values of India. It creates a divide between the common people and the privileged class, which can lead to discontent and unrest.


The VIP culture is a bane for Indian democracy. It goes against the democratic principles of equality and fairness. It’s important for India to work towards eliminating this culture to strengthen its democracy.

250 Words Essay on The VIP Cult Is a Bane of Indian Democracy

The VIP Cult and Indian Democracy

The VIP cult refers to the special treatment given to a select few individuals in society. These individuals, often politicians or celebrities, receive privileges not available to the common man. This essay discusses how the VIP cult is a problem for Indian democracy.

Unequal Treatment

The first issue is the unequal treatment. VIPs often bypass rules and laws that the common man must follow. This creates a sense of inequality among the citizens. For instance, VIPs often skip queues, receive special security, and are exempt from certain laws. This is against the spirit of democracy, which believes in equal rights for all.

Abuse of Power

The second issue is the abuse of power. VIPs often misuse their status to gain undue advantages. This can lead to corruption and nepotism. It also sets a bad example for the younger generation, who may believe that power and status are more important than hard work and honesty.

Resource Misuse

Lastly, the VIP culture leads to the misuse of resources. The special privileges given to VIPs, like security and special lanes, use up resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. This can strain the country’s economy and hinder its development.

In conclusion, the VIP cult is a bane of Indian democracy. It promotes inequality, encourages the abuse of power, and leads to resource misuse. It is important for India to move away from this culture and focus on the principles of equality and justice that form the foundation of democracy.

500 Words Essay on The VIP Cult Is a Bane of Indian Democracy

The VIP Culture: An Introduction

The VIP culture, also known as the culture of privilege, is a social issue that is prevalent in many democratic countries, including India. This culture refers to the special treatment and privileges given to a select group of people who hold high positions in society, such as politicians, celebrities, and high-ranking officials. This essay will discuss why the VIP culture is a bane to Indian democracy.

The Challenge to Equality

One of the main principles of democracy is equality – all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law. The VIP culture, however, challenges this fundamental principle. VIPs often receive special treatment, from skipping lines at public places to getting special security arrangements, which are not available to the average citizen. This creates a divide between the VIPs and the common people, undermining the principle of equality.

Abuse of Power

Another issue with the VIP culture is the potential for the abuse of power. VIPs, due to their status, may misuse their power for personal gain or to evade the law. This not only erodes public trust in the democratic system but also sets a poor example for the younger generation.

Drain on Public Resources

Maintaining the VIP culture requires significant public resources. Providing security, special facilities, and other privileges for VIPs costs the government a lot of money. This is a burden on the country’s economy and diverts funds that could be used for the welfare of the general public.

Public Discontent

The VIP culture often leads to public discontent. When ordinary citizens see VIPs receiving special treatment and privileges, they feel neglected and marginalized. This can lead to resentment and can even result in public protests. Such discontent can destabilize the social harmony and peace, which are essential for a healthy democracy.


In conclusion, the VIP culture is a bane to Indian democracy. It challenges the principle of equality, encourages the abuse of power, drains public resources, and leads to public discontent. For a democracy to thrive, it is crucial that all citizens are treated equally, irrespective of their social or political status. It is high time that India takes steps to curb the VIP culture and uphold the principles of democracy.

In essence, the VIP culture is a barrier to the true spirit of democracy. It’s our responsibility as citizens to question this culture and strive for a society where everyone is treated equally. Only then can we say that we live in a true democracy. Remember, democracy is not just about the right to vote, but also about ensuring equality and justice for all.

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