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100 Words Essay on Stop Hunting Animals

What Is Hunting?

Hunting is the practice of killing or capturing animals, or pursuing or tracking them with the intention of doing so.

Why Stop Hunting Animals?

Hunting animals is cruel and unnecessary. It disrupts the natural balance of ecosystems, harms animals, and puts humans at risk of injury. Hunting also reduces animal populations, leading to a decrease in biodiversity.

Alternatives to Hunting

Instead of hunting animals, people can enjoy wildlife from a distance. They can watch birds and other animals in their natural habitats, take photographs, and observe them without interfering with their lives.


In conclusion, hunting animals is an outdated and cruel practice that should be stopped. People should respect animals and find other ways to appreciate and observe them.

250 Words Essay on Stop Hunting Animals


Hunting animals for recreational or commercial purposes has been practiced for centuries, but with the increased understanding of animal behavior and the effect of human activities on their habitat, this activity has become increasingly controversial. In this essay, I will discuss why hunting animals should be stopped, with a focus on the effects it has on the environment and animal welfare.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of hunting animals is significant. It can lead to a decrease in species diversity, as certain animals become overhunted. It can also disrupt the natural food chain, as large predators are removed from ecosystems, leading to an overpopulation of their prey species. In addition, hunting can cause damage to the habitat, as trees are cut down to provide better visibility and access to the animals being hunted.

Animal Welfare

From an animal welfare perspective, hunting is cruel and inhumane. Animals that are hunted are often subjected to long, painful deaths, and their suffering is all for the purpose of human entertainment. In addition, hunting disrupts the social structure of animal populations, as animals are killed or injured in the process, leaving their families and social groups fragmented and vulnerable.


In conclusion, hunting animals should be stopped for both environmental and animal welfare reasons. It can lead to a decrease in species diversity, can disrupt the natural food chain, and can cause cruelty and suffering to the animals being hunted. It is important for us to take responsibility for our actions and ensure that we protect the environment and the animals that inhabit it.

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