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100 Words Essay on Stop Corruption


Corruption is an endemic problem in our society. It not only affects individuals and businesses but also our nation as a whole. Despite the efforts of the government, corruption remains widely prevalent in society.

Causes of Corruption

The main causes of corruption are poverty, lack of education, and political and social unrest. People resort to corruption out of desperation or to gain personal or financial benefits.

Effects of Corruption

Corruption has a devastating effect on the economy and society. It leads to an increase in the cost of living, a decrease in public services, and undermines the rule of law.


The only way to stop corruption is to create an environment of transparency, accountability, and good governance. The government should create and enforce strict laws that punish those who engage in corrupt practices.


Corruption is a serious problem and it needs to be addressed urgently. We need to create a culture of honesty and integrity and make sure that corruption is not tolerated in any form. This will make our society stronger and more prosperous.

250 Words Essay on Stop Corruption


Corruption is a widespread problem that is prevalent in every corner of the world. It is one of the major roadblocks to achieving economic, political, and social growth. Despite the various initiatives taken by various governments, corruption continues to be a major issue. This essay will discuss how corruption can be stopped and the role college students can play in this effort.

Measures to Stop Corruption

The most effective way to combat corruption is to strengthen the existing laws and regulations. Stringent laws should be in place to ensure that those found guilty of corruption are severely punished. Additionally, governments should also focus on creating an environment of transparency and accountability. This can be done by making public information accessible to all. It is also important to ensure that government officials are held accountable for their actions.

Role of College Students

College students can play an important role in curbing corruption. They should be aware of their rights and should be willing to speak out against any form of corruption. They should also be willing to report any instances of corruption to the authorities. Additionally, they should also be willing to participate in anti-corruption campaigns and activities. This would help to create awareness about the issue and will motivate people to stand up against corruption.


In conclusion, corruption is a major issue that needs to be addressed. Governments should take appropriate steps to ensure that corruption is eliminated from the society. College students should also be willing to take an active role in the fight against corruption. This would help to create an environment of transparency and accountability and would lead to the eradication of corruption.

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