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100 Words Essay on Should Voting Be Mandatory


Voting is a way for people to express their opinions about their country’s leaders. Some people think voting should be mandatory, while others disagree. This essay explores both sides of the argument.

Why Mandatory Voting?

One reason for mandatory voting is that it could lead to a higher percentage of the population’s view being represented. If everyone votes, then the election results truly reflect what the people want. This can make the country’s decisions fairer and more democratic.

Against Mandatory Voting

On the contrary, some believe mandatory voting is not right. They argue that freedom includes the right not to vote. Forcing people to vote can be seen as a violation of personal freedom. Also, uninformed voting can lead to poor decision making.


In conclusion, mandatory voting can increase representation but may infringe on personal freedom. It’s crucial to consider both points of view. Ultimately, the decision should aim at promoting democracy and respect for individual rights.

250 Words Essay on Should Voting Be Mandatory

Why is Voting Important?

Voting is a special right. It lets you choose who will make important decisions for your country, state, or city. These decisions can affect your life in many ways. For example, they can change the rules about schools, hospitals, and roads.

What is Mandatory Voting?

Mandatory voting means everyone who can vote must vote. Some countries, like Australia, have this rule. If you don’t vote there, you might have to pay money.

Arguments for Mandatory Voting

Some people think mandatory voting is good. They say it makes sure everyone’s voice is heard. This can make the results fairer. Also, it can stop powerful groups from having too much influence. If only some people vote, these groups might control the results.

Arguments Against Mandatory Voting

Other people think mandatory voting is not good. They say voting is a right, not a duty. People should be able to choose if they want to vote or not. Also, forcing people to vote might lead to random or uninformed choices. This can harm the quality of the results.


In the end, the question of mandatory voting is complex. It has both good and bad points. It’s important to think about these points and decide what’s best for your country. Remember, voting is not just about choosing a leader. It’s about shaping the future of your country.

500 Words Essay on Should Voting Be Mandatory


Voting is a key part of any democratic system. It is a way for people to voice their opinions and choose their leaders. But should it be mandatory for everyone to vote? This question has sparked a lot of debate. This essay will explore both sides of the argument.

Why Some People Think Voting Should Be Mandatory

Some people believe that voting should be a must for everyone. They argue that it is a civic duty, just like paying taxes or following laws. If everyone has to vote, it means that the election results would truly reflect the will of all the people. This could make our leaders more accountable and responsive to everyone’s needs, not just the ones who voted.

Another point is that mandatory voting could make elections fairer. In many places, not everyone has the same chance to vote. Some people may not have the time, the means, or the knowledge to vote. If voting were compulsory, there would be more effort to make sure everyone can vote easily.

Why Some People Think Voting Should Not Be Mandatory

On the other hand, some people think that voting should be a choice, not a requirement. They say that forcing people to vote goes against the principle of freedom. In a free society, people should have the right to choose whether or not to vote.

Another argument is that mandatory voting could lead to uninformed voting. If people are forced to vote but they don’t know or care much about the issues, they might just pick a candidate at random. This could result in leaders being elected not because they are the best choice, but because they were lucky.


In conclusion, the question of whether voting should be mandatory is not a simple one. There are good points on both sides. It’s a balance between the need for a true reflection of the people’s will and the importance of freedom of choice. Perhaps the best solution is not to force people to vote, but to make it easier and more appealing for them to do so. This could include things like making election day a public holiday, offering more voting options, and providing better education about the importance of voting and the issues at stake.

This essay is a brief overview of the topic, and there is much more to explore. But hopefully, it provides a starting point for thinking about this important issue.

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