Essay on Is Leadership Inherent or Learned

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100 Words Essay on Is Leadership Inherent or Learned


Leadership can be seen as both inherent and learned. Some people are born with natural leadership qualities, while others learn them over time.

Inherent Leadership

Inherent leadership refers to the natural abilities some individuals possess. These people often show leadership traits from a young age.

Learned Leadership

Learned leadership is about acquiring skills through experiences or training. This suggests anyone can become a leader if they work hard.


In conclusion, leadership can be both inherent and learned. It’s a mix of natural talent and learned skills.

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250 Words Essay on Is Leadership Inherent or Learned

The Nature of Leadership

Leadership is a complex phenomenon, often perceived as a blend of inherent and learned qualities. The debate around its origin, whether it’s an innate trait or a learned skill, has been a subject of academic discourse for years.

Inherent Leadership

The inherent leadership theory posits that some people are naturally predisposed to lead. These individuals possess certain inherent traits such as charisma, confidence, and decisiveness. They are often extroverted, with a natural ability to influence others. The theory suggests that these traits are genetic, making leadership a birthright for some.

Learned Leadership

Conversely, the learned leadership theory argues that leadership skills can be cultivated over time. It emphasizes the importance of experiences, education, and training in shaping a leader. This theory promotes the idea that anyone can become a leader through purposeful practice and learning.

Leadership: A Blend of Both

However, the dichotomy between inherent and learned leadership may be too simplistic. Leadership likely involves a combination of both. Inherent traits may provide a foundation, but the refinement and development of these qualities often come from learning.

In conclusion, leadership is neither strictly inherent nor learned. It is a dynamic interplay of both, where inherent traits offer a starting point and learning refines these raw qualities into effective leadership skills. Therefore, leadership development should focus on nurturing inherent traits while providing opportunities for learning and growth.

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500 Words Essay on Is Leadership Inherent or Learned


The debate about whether leadership is inherent or learned has been a point of contention amongst scholars, psychologists, and business professionals for years. Some argue that leadership is an innate quality, while others contend that it is a skill developed over time. This essay aims to explore both perspectives, shedding light on the complexities of leadership.

Inherent Leadership

The inherent leadership theory posits that certain individuals are born with innate qualities that predispose them to be leaders. Proponents of this view often point to traits such as charisma, confidence, and decisiveness, which are perceived as natural characteristics that cannot be taught. These traits can enable individuals to influence others and guide them towards a common goal effectively.

For example, a naturally charismatic person might be more adept at inspiring others and rallying support. Similarly, someone with inherent confidence may be more comfortable making tough decisions—a key aspect of leadership. Therefore, it’s reasonable to argue that some leadership qualities are inherent and can give certain individuals an advantage in leadership roles.

Learned Leadership

On the other hand, the learned leadership theory maintains that leadership is not solely dependent on inherent traits. Instead, it is a set of skills and behaviors that can be learned, developed, and refined over time. This perspective emphasizes the role of experience, knowledge, and training in shaping effective leaders.

Leadership development programs, mentoring, and practical experience are all avenues through which individuals can acquire and enhance their leadership skills. For instance, through experience and feedback, a person can learn to be more empathetic, a trait that is crucial in understanding and addressing the needs and concerns of their team. Similarly, through education and training, individuals can learn strategic thinking, a vital skill for making informed decisions and guiding a team towards achieving its objectives.

Conclusion: A Balanced View

In conclusion, while there are compelling arguments on both sides of the debate, it is perhaps most accurate to say that leadership is a combination of both inherent traits and learned skills. Certain inherent traits can predispose individuals to leadership roles, but without the necessary skills and knowledge, their effectiveness as leaders may be limited.

Moreover, it’s important to note that different situations call for different leadership styles and skills. Therefore, having a broad range of learned skills can be beneficial in adapting to various scenarios. Ultimately, the most effective leaders are likely those who can harness their inherent traits and continuously learn and adapt to meet the evolving demands of leadership.

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