Essay on Human Activities On Marine Ecosystem

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100 Words Essay on Human Activities On Marine Ecosystem


The ocean is a big part of our planet. It is filled with many animals and plants, known as the marine ecosystem. Sadly, human activities are harming this ecosystem. Let’s find out how.


Fishing is an important job for many people. But, too much fishing can hurt the marine ecosystem. It can take away too many fish and leave other animals without food.


Humans also pollute the ocean. They throw trash and chemicals into the water. This can make the water dirty and harm the animals and plants that live there.

Climate Change

Climate change is another problem. It is caused by humans releasing too much gas into the air. This can make the ocean hotter and cause problems for the animals and plants.


Humans need to take better care of the marine ecosystem. They can do this by fishing less, not polluting, and fighting climate change. This will help keep the ocean healthy for all its creatures.

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250 Words Essay on Human Activities On Marine Ecosystem


Marine ecosystems, which include oceans and seas, are vital parts of our planet. They are home to many different species of plants and animals. Sadly, human activities are harming these ecosystems. This essay will discuss some of these activities and their effects.


One major problem is overfishing. This means catching too many fish at once, which can lead to fewer fish in the sea. This can harm the balance of the marine ecosystem as other animals may not have enough food.


Another issue is pollution. Humans often throw waste into the sea, which can harm marine life. This waste includes plastic, which animals can eat by mistake and get sick or even die.

Climate Change

Climate change, caused by human activities like burning fossil fuels, is also a big problem. It can make the sea warmer, which can harm coral reefs and other marine life.


In conclusion, human activities are causing many problems for marine ecosystems. We need to be more careful and respect our oceans and seas. By doing so, we can help protect marine life and keep our planet healthy.

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500 Words Essay on Human Activities On Marine Ecosystem


Marine ecosystems are vital parts of our planet. They are home to a wide variety of life forms and play a crucial role in the Earth’s health. But, human activities are causing harm to these ecosystems. This essay will explore the impact of human actions on marine ecosystems.

The Impact of Fishing

One of the main ways humans affect marine ecosystems is through fishing. When too many fish are taken from the sea, it can upset the balance of the ecosystem. This is known as overfishing. It can lead to a decline in the number of fish and can even cause some species to disappear completely. It’s like taking bricks out of a wall – if you take too many, the wall will fall down. In the same way, if we take too many fish, the marine ecosystem can collapse.

Pollution and Its Effects

Another major issue is pollution. This can come from many sources, such as plastic waste, oil spills, and chemicals from factories. These pollutants can harm or kill marine life. For example, sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and eat them. This can cause them to get sick or even die. Oil spills can coat birds and mammals, making it hard for them to move or fly. Chemicals can poison the water and harm all types of marine life.

Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems

Climate change is another human activity that affects marine ecosystems. As the Earth’s temperature rises, the oceans also get warmer. This can cause coral reefs to bleach and die. Warmer waters can also lead to more powerful storms, which can damage coastal ecosystems. Rising sea levels can also flood habitats that marine animals rely on.


In conclusion, human activities have a significant impact on marine ecosystems. Overfishing, pollution, and climate change are all causing harm to these important parts of our planet. But, by understanding these impacts, we can take steps to protect marine ecosystems. This can involve things like reducing pollution, managing fishing better, and taking action on climate change. It’s like a doctor finding a cure for a sick patient – if we know what is causing the problem, we can find a way to fix it. By doing this, we can help ensure that marine ecosystems continue to thrive for generations to come.

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