Essay on Human Activities On Environment

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100 Words Essay on Human Activities On Environment


Our actions affect the environment in many ways. This essay will explain how human activities impact our surroundings.


Deforestation is when humans cut down trees. This harms the environment as trees give us oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Without trees, there is more carbon dioxide, which leads to global warming.


Pollution is another problem. We pollute the air with car fumes and factory smoke. We also pollute water by throwing waste into rivers. This harms animals and plants.


More people mean more need for resources. This leads to more trees being cut and more pollution. Overpopulation puts a lot of pressure on our environment.


In conclusion, our actions have a big impact on the environment. We need to think about how we can reduce this impact. We can plant more trees, reduce pollution and control population growth.

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250 Words Essay on Human Activities On Environment


The environment is where we all live. It includes everything around us. But, human activities can change this environment. How? Let’s find out.


When people cut down trees to make space for houses or farms, it’s called deforestation. This is bad because trees help to clean the air. They take in harmful gases and give out oxygen, which we need to breathe. Without enough trees, the air can become dirty and harmful to breathe.


Another problem is pollution. This happens when harmful things get into the air, water, or soil. Cars and factories can release smoke and chemicals into the air. This can cause breathing problems for people and animals. Also, when people throw rubbish in the water, it can harm the fish and other creatures living there.

Climate Change

Human activities like burning fuels for energy can also cause climate change. This means the earth’s weather patterns are changing in ways that can be harmful. For example, some places may get hotter, causing droughts. Other places may get more rain, leading to floods. These changes can make it hard for people, animals, and plants to survive.


In conclusion, human activities can have big effects on the environment. Deforestation, pollution, and climate change are all problems caused by these activities. We need to think about how our actions can harm the environment and try to make better choices. This way, we can help to keep the environment healthy for everyone.

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500 Words Essay on Human Activities On Environment


The environment is everything around us, including the air, water, land, plants, and animals. We humans interact with the environment every day, and sometimes our actions can harm it. This essay will talk about how human activities affect the environment.


One major way humans harm the environment is through deforestation, which means cutting down trees. Trees are important because they produce oxygen, which we need to breathe. They also take in carbon dioxide, a gas that can heat up the Earth too much if there’s too much of it. When we cut down trees, we lose these benefits. Also, many animals lose their homes when forests are cut down.


Another way humans harm the environment is by creating pollution. Pollution is when harmful substances get into the air, water, or land. For example, factories might release harmful gases into the air, or people might throw trash into rivers. This can harm animals and plants, and it can also make people sick.

Overuse of Resources

Humans also harm the environment by using too many natural resources. Natural resources are things we get from the Earth, like water, minerals, and oil. If we use too much of these things, there might not be enough left for future generations. Also, getting these resources often involves harming the environment. For example, to get oil, we might have to drill into the ground, which can harm plants and animals.

Climate Change

Another big problem is climate change. This is when the Earth’s weather patterns change in a big way over a long time. Human activities, like burning fossil fuels (like coal and oil) for energy, release a lot of carbon dioxide. As we already mentioned, too much carbon dioxide can heat up the Earth. This can lead to problems like more extreme weather and rising sea levels, which can flood cities.


In conclusion, human activities can harm the environment in many ways. But there’s good news too. We can change our actions to help the environment instead of harming it. For example, we can plant more trees, reduce pollution, use resources wisely, and find cleaner sources of energy. By doing these things, we can help ensure a healthy environment for ourselves and future generations.

Remember, every little action counts. Even something as simple as turning off the light when you leave a room can make a difference. We all share this planet, so let’s do our part to take care of it.

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