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100 Words Essay on Coronavirus


Coronavirus is a virus that has spread around the world and has caused a pandemic. It has affected the lives of people in many ways.


Coronavirus has caused a lot of physical and mental health problems. People have had to stay away from their families and friends, leading to social isolation and loneliness. It has also caused financial problems for many.


To stay safe from coronavirus, it is important to follow the guidelines issued by the government like wearing masks, washing hands regularly, maintaining social distance and avoiding public gatherings.


Coronavirus has posed a serious challenge for the entire world. We must take all the necessary precautions and come together to fight against this virus.

250 Words Essay on Coronavirus


Coronavirus is a global pandemic that has affected the world in unprecedented ways. It has caused widespread disruption to society, forcing people to stay at home, causing lockdowns and restrictions, and having a major impact on the economy. This essay will discuss the implications of coronavirus, how it has affected our lives, and how we are adapting to the new normal.

The Economic Impact

The economic impact of coronavirus has been immense. Many businesses and industries have been forced to close, resulting in job losses and increased economic hardship. Unemployment has skyrocketed, and many people have been forced to take pay cuts. The tourism industry has been particularly hard hit, with entire countries being placed under travel restrictions.

The Social Impact

The social implications of the virus are far-reaching. Social distancing measures have been implemented in many countries, resulting in people having to stay at home and isolated from their families and friends. This has caused increased levels of stress and anxiety, as well as feelings of loneliness and depression. It has also had a major impact on education, with many students having to take classes online.

Adapting to the New Normal

The new normal has brought about a number of changes to our everyday lives. We have had to adapt to wearing masks and social distancing, and in some countries, even quarantine. We have had to learn how to work from home, access online services, and shop online.


In conclusion, coronavirus has had a major impact on our lives, both economically and socially. We have had to adapt to the new normal, but with the right attitude and a strong sense of community, we can get through this together.

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