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100 Words Essay on Can Computers Replace Teacher


Computers have become an integral part of our lives and are being used in various fields. There has been a debate whether computers can replace teachers in classrooms.

Arguments in Favour

Computers can provide students with better resources and help them learn more efficiently. They can be programmed to teach and assess students based on their abilities. They can also provide access to online materials for students to learn from.

Arguments against

However, computers lack the human touch and cannot provide the same level of interaction as a teacher. They are not able to build relationships with students or recognize the individual needs of each student. They also cannot provide the same level of guidance and support that a teacher can provide.


Therefore, while computers can be used as a useful tool in classrooms, they cannot completely replace teachers. Teachers are essential for providing personalized guidance and support to students and encouraging them to reach their full potential.

250 Words Essay on Can Computers Replace Teacher


It is hard to deny that computers are becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives. They are used in almost every field and are playing an ever-increasing role in education. This has led to the question of whether computers can replace teachers in the classroom. In this essay, I will explore the arguments both for and against this proposition.

Arguments For

One of the strongest arguments in favor of computers replacing teachers is that they are more consistent and impartial than human teachers. Computers are able to provide the same level of instruction regardless of the student, whereas human teachers may have biases or favor certain students over others. Additionally, computers are able to provide more detailed and accurate feedback, which can be invaluable for students striving for improvement.

Arguments Against

However, there are several arguments against computers replacing teachers. Firstly, computers are unable to provide the same level of personalized instruction as humans. Computers are unable to adapt their teaching methods to the needs of individual students, whereas human teachers can tailor their instruction to the students they are teaching. Additionally, computers are unable to provide the same level of emotional support as human teachers.


In conclusion, while computers can provide a valuable contribution to the classroom environment, they are ultimately unable to replace human teachers. Human teachers are able to provide personalization and emotional support that computers simply cannot match. For this reason, computers should be used to supplement, rather than replace, human teachers.

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