Difference Between Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources (Class 10)

For class 10 students, Development is considered as an important chapter in Economics.

This article will highlight the key differences between Renewable resources and Non-renewable resources.

But, before proceeding further, I would like to make you familiar with the key terms used in this article.

  • Renewable resources: These resources are easily available on the surface of the earth and can be replenished naturally in the course of time.
  • Non-renewable resources: These resources are in a limited amount on the surface of the earth and can’t be replenished as it takes millions of years to develop.
renewable and non renewable resources

I’ve decided to provide you with the key differences between renewable resources and Non-renewable resources and put them all in the tabular format.

Key Differences Between Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

Renewable ResourcesNon-Renewable Resources
Renewable resources can’t be depleted over time i.e. it can be used and reused over and over again.Non-Renewable resources can be depleted over time i.e. can never be restored once it get destroyed.
They are also called inexhaustible resources.They are also called exhaustible resources.
They are replaced by nature in a short period of time.These resources exist in very limited amount and require millions of years to replace itself.
They are sustainable and environmentally friendly.They causes pollution and also releases carbon dioxide.
The rate at which resources get consumed does not affect its availability or restoring capacity.These resources are renewed so slowly that the rate at which they are consumed is too fast.
The upfront cost of renewable energy is high. For example, generating electricity using technologies running on renewable energy is costlier than generating it with fossil fuels.Non renewable energy has a comparatively lower upfront cost.
For example, wind, water, biomass, solar energy, etc.For example, minerals, fossil fuels etc.

That’s it.

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Final Words

That’s it.

All the important differences between Renewable resources and Non-renewable resources from Chapter 1 Development as per the NCERT class 10 are listed above in the table format.

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