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About the Converter

The meter to centimeter converter is a simple and useful tool that helps to convert the measurement of distance or length from meters to centimeters. This tool is especially helpful for students, teachers, and professionals who work with measurements on a daily basis.

How to convert meters to centimeters

1 meter = 100 centimeters

To convert a distance measurement from meters to centimeters, you can use the following formula:

d(cm) = d(m) × 100

In this formula, “d(cm)” represents the distance in centimeters and “d(m)” represents the distance in meters. You simply need to multiply the distance in meters by 100 to get the distance in centimeters.

For example, let’s say you want to convert 20 meters to centimeters. Using the formula, we can calculate:

d(cm) = 20m × 100 = 2000cm

So 20 meters is equal to 2000 centimeters.

Meters to Centimeters Conversion Table

Here is a conversion table that shows the equivalent distances in meters and centimeters:

Meters (m)Centimeters (cm)
0.001 m0.1 cm
0.01 m1 cm
0.1 m10 cm
1 m100 cm
2 m200 cm
3 m300 cm
4 m400 cm
5 m500 cm
6 m600 cm
7 m700 cm
8 m800 cm
9 m900 cm
10 m1000 cm
20 m2000 cm
30 m3000 cm
40 m4000 cm
50 m5000 cm
60 m6000 cm
70 m7000 cm
80 m8000 cm
90 m9000 cm
100 m10000 cm
500 m50000 cm
1000 m100000 cm
5000 m500000 cm
10000 m1000000 cm
50000 m5000000 cm
100000 m10000000 cm


How many centimeters are in 2 meters?

To convert 2 meters to centimeters, we can multiply 2 by 100 (since there are 100 centimeters in a meter):

2 meters x 100 = 200 centimeters

So, 2 meters is equal to 200 centimeters.

Convert 5.5 meters to centimeters.

To convert 5.5 meters to centimeters, we can multiply 5.5 by 100:

5.5 meters x 100 = 550 centimeters

So, 5.5 meters is equal to 550 centimeters.

If a room is 3.2 meters long, how many centimeters is that?

To convert 3.2 meters to centimeters, we can multiply 3.2 by 100:

3.2 meters x 100 = 320 centimeters

So, a room that is 3.2 meters long is equal to 320 centimeters.