Difference between Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks

Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are both places where we can see animals in their natural habitats. But they’re also different from each other in some important ways.

The main difference is that wildlife sanctuaries are privately owned and operated by non-profit organizations, while national parks are owned by the government and managed by federal agencies.

Before we move to the differences, let’s understand what are Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks:

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: Wildlife sanctuaries are usually small, privately owned areas set aside for endangered or threatened species. They often have only a few animals, but they’re protected from humans in order to help those animals survive.
  • National Parks: National parks are large areas owned by governments that have the same goal: protecting the natural environment and preserving it for future generations. In these areas, visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature while helping to protect it.

Wildlife Sanctuaries vs National Parks

Now, let’s move to Wildlife Sanctuaries vs National Parks:

Major differences between Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks

Wildlife Sanctuaries National Parks
Wildlife sanctuaries are privately owned and managed by individuals or companies. National parks are government-owned and managed.
Wildlife sanctuaries do not allow grazing animals like cattle or sheep. National parks can allow grazing animals in certain areas depending on the management plan they have in place at the time.
Wildlife sanctuaries can be used for anything from farming to hunting. National parks’ primary purpose is the conservation and preservation of native species.
Wildlife sanctuaries are more controlled—you may need permission from rangers to tour the sanctuary, and you may not be allowed to drive through it. National parks are usually open to the public, and you can drive through them or hike around in them.
Wildlife sanctuaries are often smaller than national parks, and they focus on protecting specific animal species or ecosystems. National parks, on the other hand, are more general in their mission: they protect entire ecosystems across large areas of land.

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Final words

The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks have been a boon to the tourism industry in India. It has also helped in preserving the flora, fauna, and other natural resources of the country. It has also helped in educating people about conservation.

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