Difference between Sorting and Filtering

What are the major differences between Sorting and Filtering?

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Sorting and filtering are two different processes that can be used to manipulate data in a variety of ways.

The main difference is sorting is used to arrange data in a specific order whereas filtering is used to show or hide certain data based on certain conditions.

Before we move to the differences, let’s understand what are Sorting and Filtering:

  • Sorting: Sorting is a set of operations that order data into a particular sequence, like putting a list of numbers in ascending or descending order.
  • Filtering: Filtering is a subset of sorting that involves eliminating some items from the data set based on certain criteria.

Now, let’s move to Sorting vs Filtering:

Major differences between Sorting and Filtering

Sorting Filtering
Sorting is usually used only when there are too many things available. Filtering can be used whenever there’s too much information available at once.
Sorting is when you want to change the sequence of your data. Filtering is when you want to keep only certain items from your dataset, based on some criteria.
Sorting is when you sort something into categories. Filtering is applying conditions to search for specific data.
Sorting is a process that arranges data in a particular order. Filtering is a way of selecting data according to certain criteria.

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Note that sometimes, the question might also be asked as “distinguish between Sorting and Filtering”.

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Final words

In conclusion, we have seen that sorting and filtering are two very different functions. Sorting is used to order a collection in a certain way, while filtering is used to keep only certain elements of a collection.

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