Difference between Perfume and Deo

You’ve undoubtedly heard the terms “perfume” and “deodorant” thrown around in conversation, but do you know the difference between them?

The main difference is that perfume is a scented liquid that’s applied to the skin, typically as a spray or as a dab from a bottle whereas deodorant is a product that blocks odor by killing bacteria on your skin—it keeps you smelling fresh!

Before we move to the differences, let’s understand what are Perfume and Deo:

  • Perfume: Perfume is a fragrant liquid usually made up of essential oils or extracts, alcohol, water, and sweeteners.
  • Deo: Deodorant is an antiperspirant that reduces sweat production and helps prevent body odor by forming a layer of protection on your skin.

Perfume vs Deo

Now, let’s move to Perfume vs Deo:

Major differences between Perfume and Deo

Perfume Deo
Perfume is designed to be applied directly to skin. Deodorant is designed to be applied to clothing and skin.
Perfume is made up of fragrance oils that are mixed with alcohol and water. Deodorants are designed to mask odors and wetness.
Perfumes are usually made up of essential oils, aromatic chemicals, solvent alcohol. Deodorants are usually made up of aluminum compounds, which helps in neutralizing the stink-causing bacteria that inhabit the armpits.
Perfumes are more expensive than deo. Deo are less expensive than perfume.
Perfume is concentrated, so we typically only need one or two sprays on each arm. Deodorant can be applied generously all over your body for long-lasting protection from odor.

That’s it.

Note that sometimes, the question might also be asked as “distinguish between Perfume and Deo”.

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Final words

There is a lot of overlap between perfume and deodorant, but they’re not exactly the same thing. On their own, they can both make you smell great. But if you want to smell like you just stepped out of the shower all day long, you have to combine them!

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