Difference between Machine and Mechanism

What are the major differences between Machine and Mechanism?

Machine and Mechanism are two words that are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

The main difference is machine is a tool that uses energy to do work while a mechanism is a part of a machine that helps it move or work.

Before we move to the differences, let’s understand what are Machine and Mechanism:

  • Machine: A machine is a device that uses energy to perform a specific task. Examples of machines are cars, computers, and toasters.
  • Mechanism: A mechanism is a system of moving parts that work together to perform a specific task. Examples of mechanisms are clocks, gears, and levers.

Machine vs Mechanism

Now, let’s move to Machine vs Mechanism:

Major differences between Machine and Mechanism

Machine Mechanism
A machine uses energy to perform a specific task. A mechanism uses the movement of its parts to perform a specific task.
A machine can be powered by electricity. A mechanism can be powered by different means, such as gears and levers.
A machine is typically a single device. A mechanism is a system of multiple parts.
A machine can be controlled by buttons or switches. A mechanism can be controlled by gears and levers.
A machine can have a digital display. A mechanism has mechanical gears and levers.

That’s it.

Note that sometimes, the question might also be asked as “distinguish between Machine and Mechanism”.

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Final words

Machine and Mechanism are different in the way they work and the materials they are made of.

While machines use energy to perform a task, mechanisms use the movement of their parts to perform a task. Understanding the difference between the two can help us understand how things around us work.

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