Difference between Feet and Foot

Have you ever wondered why people say “feet” instead of “foots”? Or why we say “foot” instead of “feet”? Let’s learn the difference between the two!

The main difference between “feet” and “foot” is that “feet” is the plural form of “foot.”

Before we move to the differences, let’s understand what are Feet and Foot:

  • Feet: A foot is a part of the body that is used for standing, walking, and running.
  • Foot: Feet, on the other hand, refers to more than one foot.

Feet vs Foot

Now, let’s move to Feet vs Foot:

Major differences between Feet and Foot

Feet Foot
Foot is singular. Feet is plural.
Foot is one part of the body. Feet refers to more than one part of the body.
We use “foot” when talking about measurements, like “12-foot ladder,”. “Feet” is not used in this context.
Foot has 5 toes. Feet have a total of 10 toes.
“Foot” can also be used as a verb, meaning to walk or travel by foot. “Feet” cannot be used as a verb in the same way.

That’s it.

Note that sometimes, the question might also be asked as “distinguish between Feet and Foot”.

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Final words

Now you know the difference between “foot” and “feet.” Remember, “foot” is singular, and “feet” is plural.

We use “foot” to talk about one, and “feet” to talk about more than one. Keep this in mind, and you’ll be able to use these words correctly in your writing and conversations!

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