Difference between Entrepreneur and Businessman

When we think about people who start and run their own companies, we might use words like “entrepreneur” or “businessman” to describe them.

The main difference is that entrepreneurs are more focused on innovation, creativity, and risk-taking while businessmen are more focused on managing and growing an existing business.

Before we move to the differences, let’s understand what are Entrepreneur and Businessman:

  • Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is someone who starts a new business or venture, often with a unique idea or product. They are willing to take risks and invest their own time and money into the venture in the hopes of achieving success.
  • Businessman: A businessman is someone who manages and grows an existing business. They are responsible for making decisions that will help the business grow, such as increasing profits, expanding into new markets, or reducing costs.

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Entrepreneur vs Businessman

Now, let’s move to Entrepreneur vs Businessman:

Major differences between Entrepreneur and Businessman

Entrepreneur Businessman
Entrepreneurs are focused on starting something new. Businessmen are focused on growing and managing something that already exists.
Entrepreneurs are often associated with innovation and creativity. Businessmen are associated with managing and organizing.
Entrepreneurs are more likely to be involved in multiple ventures at once. Businessmen are more focused on growing and managing one business.
Entrepreneurs often have a higher tolerance for risk and uncertainty. Businessmen may prefer to stick to tried-and-true methods and strategies.
Entrepreneurs are more likely to work long hours and take on multiple roles within their companies. Businessmen may have a more defined and specialized role.


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Note that sometimes, the question might also be asked as “distinguish between Entrepreneur and Businessman”.

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Final words

Entrepreneurs and businessmen are involved in the world of business, they have different approaches and priorities when it comes to running companies.

Entrepreneurs are more focused on creating new ideas and innovations, while businessmen are more focused on managing and growing an existing company.

Both are important roles in the business world and can contribute to its success in different ways.

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