Difference between Atmosphere and Environment

Atmosphere and environment are two key terms used to describe different aspects of the earth and the air around it.

The main difference is that atmosphere specifically refers to the layer of gases that surrounds the earth whereas environment is a much broader term that encompasses everything around us.

Before we move to the differences, let’s understand what are Atmosphere and Environment:

  • Atmosphere: The atmosphere is the layer of gases that surrounds the Earth and is held in place by gravity.
  • Environment: The environment refers to all the living and non-living things that exist on Earth and the interactions between them.

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Atmosphere vs Environment

Now, let’s move to Atmosphere vs Environment:

Major differences between Atmosphere and Environment

Atmosphere Environment
The atmosphere is primarily composed of gases, which include nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other trace elements. The environment consists of a diverse range of elements, including living organisms, soil, water bodies, and even human-made objects like buildings and vehicles.
The atmosphere is just a part of the broader environment. The environment includes the entire earth’s surface, including all ecosystems, organisms, and their interactions.
The atmosphere is a physical layer of gases. The environment is a broader term that encompasses all aspects of Earth.
The atmosphere is largely governed by physical and chemical processes. The environment is influenced by both physical and biological processes.
The atmosphere is primarily studied by atmospheric scientists. The environment is studied by a variety of disciplines including ecology, biology, and geology.


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Final words

The atmosphere and environment are distinct concepts that refer to different aspects of the Earth. While the atmosphere refers specifically to the layer of gases that surrounds the Earth, the environment encompasses all the living and non-living things that exist on Earth. Understanding the difference between the two is important for understanding the ways in which humans impact and interact with our planet.

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