Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Students

There are 10s of Chrome extensions for students that can be used to boost productivity.

Yes, every minute is important for the students.

If you don’t find a better way to manage your time and do your tasks effectively, you will lag behind.

And, of course, you will never want that.

Apart from the various misuses of the internet, there is a huge amount of information available for the students on the internet. From researching the projects, writing the lab records and even doing your daily homework – you must be taking the help of the Google Chrome browser.

And, in this post, I will be listing out the best and free Google Chrome extensions and apps for students that will help you a lot and make your work easier.

So, here we go…

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Students

The extensions mentioned here will make your studying process very simple and convenient.

1. Grammarly

It’s almost impossible to catch every single mistake in your writing, even you proofread the document several times.

And, imagine you have some typos or grammatical mistakes in your school reports or in any important emails – that won’t be good, right?


And, that’s where Grammarly Chrome Extension comes into play. Whether you’re typing emails, creating professional documents in Google Docs, or typing anything anywhere in the browser – it will never let you commit a single spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly is one of my favorite tools, it corrects me every single time I commit any writing mistakes. I’m using this tool since March 2018 and can’t imagine my everyday life without this.

Get Grammarly

2. LastPass

The very first step of online security and privacy starts from creating strong and different passwords for every site you sign up on.

And, due to laziness or “who will remember a new password again!” kind of attitude, most of us use the same password on multiple sites, which isn’t good.


There comes the LastPass which is simple and easy to use a password manager. Just install the LastPass extension in your Chrome browser and you’re good to go.

It will offer you to save usernames and passwords every time you sign up on a new website. It also has an inbuilt password generator using which you can create strong and different passwords for each site.

And, when you need to log in to the site later, the extension fills in all the login details automatically.

All the saved passwords are highly encrypted and secured by a master password. Also, all your passwords are saved in cloud storage which you can access from any device and any browser.

LastPass also has an app for both Android and iOs devices.

Get LastPass

3. Pocket Reader

The internet is a big pile of information and it is never easy to find the same awesome article that you had come across yesterday. No matter how advanced the Google search is – sometimes you just don’t find what you had read earlier.

Pocket Reader

And, there comes the Pocket reader Chrome extension which stores all the awesome articles with just a click, removes all the distracting elements, and lets you read later.

It has Android and iOs apps too where you can download all the articles and read them later without even having access to the internet.

While traveling, I download all the articles before leaving the internet zone and use its text-to-speech feature to listen to all the articles later.

You can also customize the text size and background color of the articles as per your convenience while reading.

Get Pocket Reader

4. Weava Highlighter

You must have to go through tens of articles and sources while researching something. So, how do you manage to create a report based on what you read?

First, reading 10-20 articles, then start writing and read the same articles again to find a specific line while writing – it’s pretty time taking and uninteresting.

Weava Highlighter

But, with the help of Weava Highlighter Chrome extension, you can mark the articles and web pages while reading for the first time. And, later when you’re creating the report, just copy and paste those text snippets easily.

This would save you a lot of time and effort.

I use the tool all the time while writing these articles to research from multiple sources. No doubts, there are other highlighters as well; I have tried most of them but Weava Highlighter is my favorite one.

Get Weava Highlighter

5. Google Dictionary

Internet is the best place to learn new things.

I spend a lot of time reading various interest-related articles on Medium and other sources every day.

Google Dictionary

And, when you come across an unknown word while reading – the Google Dictionary Chrome extension is made for that only.

Double click on any word that you want to know the definition of and it will immediately display that word’s information without even having to leave the current tab.

If you don’t have this extension then you can still Google for the word in the new tab, but again we are talking about improving productivity and doing things in a better way, right?

Get Google Dictionary

6. Print Friendly & PDF

Sometimes we need to print an article or share it with somebody in the PDF format, but not the whole article but only some part of it; what to do in that situation?

One solution is, copy-pasting the required text in MS Word and then printing it or exporting it as a PDF.

Print Friendly and PDF

But, Print Friendly & PDF Chrome extension makes this work a lot easier.

Just click on the extension’s button while reading an article and it will make a popup where you can remove any part of the article and save it as a PDF or print it directly.

7. Noisli

It is said that ambient sounds coming from natural things like leaves, birds, rivers, etc. increases your focus help you relax.

And, when you do your work with full focus will ultimately supercharge your productivity.


Noisli Chrome extension is one of such tools that produces amazing ambient sounds like rain-thunder, birds chirping, leaves murmuring, etc. which keeps you focused.

The extension has a great collection of sounds and filters which you can customize as per your preference.

It is one of the extensions which you don’t think you need it initially, but once you start using it’s tough to get back.

Get Noisli

8. Full Page Screen Capture

I sometimes need to take a screenshot of a complete web page not just the visible part of the page.

Full Page Screenshot

Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension will help you a lot while capturing full web pages and annotating them. You can export the images in PNG, JPEG, and PDF formats.

Whenever I come across a beautifully designed web page, I just use the tool to take screenshots and save them to take a look at them later while designing.

Get Full-Screen Page Capture

9. Momentum

Productivity does matter for students. You should keep everything closer that inspires you.


Momentum Chrome extension is one of such awesome tools that replaces your new tab page with awesome inspirational quotes, news, stories, weather, and various other important information.

It also lets you add the to-do list which keeps you reminded of the works to do when you open a new tab in the Google Chrome browser.

The dashboard is highly customizable and you can customize it to show only the things that matter the most to you.

Get Momentum

10. Honey

Student and money? Say no more.

No one struggles more with the money than the students do.


Honey Chrome extension is a great tool that can save you a significant amount of money when shopping online.

When you try to buy any product on Amazon or some other platforms too, it searches for the discounts and applies them automatically when you place the order. Currently, it supports countries United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and India.

I do not use this regularly, but once I’ve saved myself $17 and that’s the real happiness.

Get Honey


I regularly use most of the Google Chrome extensions mentioned here and I’m a big fan of these.

As a student, you can use these to skyrocket your productivity.

That’s it.

Now, it’s your turn…

Which Google Chrome extension are you currently using, or planning to use?

Let me know by dropping a quick comment right now.

Also, share this article with the people who you think might be interested in reading it.


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