BSEB Class 10th Syllabus

BSEB 10th Syllabus – Bihar Board Class 10th Syllabus (All Subjects)

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BSEB stands for Bihar Secondary Education Board or simply known as Bihar Board conducts board exams for Matriculation and Intermediate.

BSEB or Bihar Board

  • Conducts exam at the end of secondary school
  • Prescribes courses for study for both exams

Each year, in the month of February – March, Bihar Board conducts Secondary School Exams and in the month of August – September, it conducts supplementary examinations as per the syllabus of the state government.

Not only that, but Bihar Board also conducts some departmental examinations like Diploma and Certificate in Physical Education.

Bihar Board Class 10th Complete Syllabus

Areas Related to CirclesElectricity
CirclesLight – Reflection and Refraction
Coordinate GeometrySources of Energy
Pair of Linear Equations in Two VariablesHuman Eye and Colourful World
ProbabilityMagnetic Effects of Electric Current
StatisticsAcids, Bases, and Salts
TrianglesChemical Reactions and Equations
Arithmetic ProgressionsPeriodic Classification of Elements
ConstructionsCarbon and its Compounds
Introduction to TrigonometryMetals and Non-metals
Quadratic EquationsControl and Coordination
Some Applications of TrigonometryHow Do Organisms Reproduce?
Surface Areas and VolumesManagement of Natural Resources
HISTORYHeredity and Evolution
Nationalism in IndiaLife Processes
Print Culture and the Modern WorldOur Environment
The Making of a Global WorldPOLITICAL SCIENCE
The Rise of Nationalism in EuropeChallenges to Democracy
Novels, Society, and HistoryFederalism
The Age of IndustrialisationOutcomes of Democracy
The Nationalist Movement in Indo-ChinaPopular Struggles and Movements
Work, Life, and LeisureDemocracy and Diversity
ENGLISHGender, Religion, and Caste
AdjectivePolitical Parties
ConjunctionPower Sharing
Reading ComprehensionConsumer Rights
TensesGlobalization and the Indian Economy
VerbSectors of the Indian Economy
ArticlesMoney and Credit
SentencesLife Lines of National Economy
Transformation of SentencesMinerals and Energy Resources
VocabularyWater Resources
Forest and Wildlife Resources
Manufacturing Industries
Resources and Development

So, that’s it.

This was the complete syllabus (all subjects) of the Bihar Board (BSEB) class 10th.

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