Top 7 Benefits of Rivers And Lakes

Rivers and lakes are two different forms of water, with one significant difference: they flow. While rivers flow rapidly, lakes do not move very quickly at all. They may even appear motionless, yet they are still constantly changing and expanding in size as water evaporates from their surface.

Benefits of Rivers And Lakes

Benefits of Rivers And Lakes

  1. Rivers and lakes provide important habitats for wildlife such as fish, turtles, and amphibians.
  2. Rivers and lakes provide water for drinking when there aren’t any other sources around.
  3. It helps to irrigate farms and helps us transport goods from one place to another.
  4. Rivers and Lakes also regulate the temperature in an area by absorbing heat during hot days and releasing heat during cold nights.
  5. Rivers and lakes can also be used to generate electricity via hydroelectric power stations.
  6. Rivers and lakes act as natural filters, reducing poor water quality in surface water.
  7. Rivers and lakes play an important role in sustaining life by providing oxygen, food and shelter for creatures that live in them.

So, these are the benefits of Rivers And Lakes.

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