Top 7 Benefits of Playing Kabaddi

Playing Kabaddi is a game where two teams of seven players are placed opposite each other. One team sits in the central circle and tries to catch the players from the other team, who are spread out on the ground in front of them. The aim of any player is to get eliminated by being caught or just touching his opponent’s foot. Now let me tell you something about its origin. In India, kabaddi was played in villages as a part of a martial training exercises to keep soldiers fit while they were traveling across villages on assignment.

Benefits of Playing Kabaddi

Benefits of Playing Kabaddi

  1. It helps in toning the muscles of the legs, hands and body.
  2. It makes us flexible.
  3. It helps to maintain physical fitness and decrease stress.
  4. It increases speed and strength which can be very beneficial for athletes to perform better at their respective games.
  5. The game increases hand-eye coordination, concentration, and stamina.
  6. It develops team spirit.
  7. It helps in improving the communication skills of players.

So, these are the benefits of Playing Kabaddi.

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