Top 7 Benefits of Organic Farming

Organic farming is the process of raising crops, livestock and other animals without using chemical pesticides or fertilizers, or any other kind of products derived from synthetic sources.

Benefits of Organic Farming

Benefits of Organic Farming

  1. Organic farming doesn’t use pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals that harm the soil, air and water.
  2. Organic farming supports sustainable agriculture practices by using crop rotation instead of monocropping (using one type of crop over and over again).
  3. Organic farming produces healthier food.
  4. Organic farming is more profitable.
  5. Organic farming helps to prevent soil erosion, which can lead to flooding and drought in some areas of the world.
  6. Organic farming uses less water than conventional farming does.
  7. Organic farming is better for the environment than conventional farming.

So, these are the benefits of Organic Farming.

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