Top 7 Benefits of Green Revolution

Green Revolution is a global movement aiming to increase food production and improve agricultural technology.

Benefits of Green Revolution

Benefits of Green Revolution

  1. Green revolution helped farmers grow more crops in less space so that they could feed more people.
  2. It increased crop yields, which means farmers can grow more food on less land.
  3. It reduced soil erosion and depletion by using fertilizers and pesticides instead of organic solutions like manure or composting.
  4. It decreased water usage by using irrigation systems that don’t require as much water to make crops grow properly.
  5. It reduced poverty levels by increasing farm incomes for those who owned land or worked on farms.
  6. Green Revolution made more food available to people and it helped to feed the world.
  7. It will help us to use fewer chemicals on our crops and in our soil so that we can grow more organic food.

So, these are the benefits of Green Revolution.

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