Top 7 Benefits of Fungi

Fungi are eukaryotic microorganisms that contain, in their cells, gigantic networks of thin filaments called hyphae. As such, fungi have a shape and structure that is quite different from plants or animals, often looking like a mass of threads under the microscope.

Benefits of Fungi

Benefits of Fungi

  1. Fungi can be used in a variety of foods including bread and cheese making.
  2. Fungi can break down the most toxic of chemicals, such as DDT and TNT.
  3. Fungi also help in agriculture by helping plants get nutrition from the soil.
  4. Fungi help us to live healthier lives because they are probiotics and help us fight disease.
  5. Fungi help improve soil quality by breaking down decaying leaves, dead animals, and even manure into humus (a dark brown or black substance) that improves both water retention and aeration of the soil.
  6. Fungi can be used to make new medicines.
  7. Fungi can help protect against disease and parasites by interfering with the normal development of harmful organisms, such as insects or worms that might affect crops.

So, these are the benefits of Fungi.

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