Top 7 Benefits of Cotton

Cotton is a fabric made from cotton plants’ soft, fluffy fibers. The cotton bolls are harvested and placed on a conveyer where they are ginned and cleaned. Then the cotton fibers are combed to eliminate any impurities before spinning. They are twisted together to form yarns that become woven into fabric.

Benefits of Cotton

Benefits of Cotton

  1. Cotton absorbs sweat.
  2. Cotton is durable.
  3. Cotton support farmer.
  4. Cotton fabric is breathable, keeping our skin at the right temperature.
  5. Cotton is environmentally friendly, it needs little water and pesticides to grow.
  6. Cotton is a sustainable and renewable resource that is biodegradable when disposed of in landfills.
  7. It absorbs moisture from the body quickly and wicks it away from the skin to stay dry.

So, these are the benefits of Cotton.

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