Advantages and Disadvantages of Flipped Classroom

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What is Flipped Classroom?

A flipped classroom is a teaching method where students learn new content online at home, and then do their homework in class. This way, teachers can guide students during tasks, answer questions, and provide more personal attention.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Flipped Classroom

The followings are the advantages and disadvantages of Flipped Classroom:

Advantages Disadvantages
Promotes self-paced learning Requires reliable internet access
Enhances student engagement Not all students self-directed
Facilitates personalized instruction Limited face-to-face interaction
Encourages student-teacher interaction May increase student workload
Strengthens understanding through practice Not suitable for every subject

Advantages and disadvantages of Flipped Classroom

Advantages of Flipped Classroom

  1. Promotes self-paced learning – In a flipped classroom, students can learn at their own speed, taking extra time for concepts that are tough to grasp.
  2. Enhances student engagement – It boosts student involvement, as they actively participate in their learning rather than passively receiving information.
  3. Facilitates personalized instruction – This approach allows for customized teaching, catering to individual student’s learning needs and styles.
  4. Encourages student-teacher interaction – It fosters more interaction between students and teachers, providing opportunities for direct guidance and feedback.
  5. Strengthens understanding through practice – It also reinforces comprehension as students apply learned concepts in class, making learning more effective.
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Disadvantages of Flipped Classroom

  1. Requires reliable internet access – A flipped classroom needs steady internet, which not everyone has access to. This can create a barrier to learning for some students.
  2. Not all students self-directed – The strategy assumes students are self-directed. However, not all students can manage their time or have the motivation to learn independently.
  3. Limited face-to-face interaction – It reduces the time students spend interacting face-to-face with teachers and peers, which can limit social learning opportunities.
  4. May increase student workload – The approach might add to the student’s workload as they have to prepare for lessons at home and complete assignments in class.
  5. Not suitable for every subject – Lastly, the model may not work well for all subjects, especially those that require hands-on learning or immediate feedback.

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