Advantages and Disadvantages of Cost Push Inflation

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What is Cost Push Inflation?

Cost Push Inflation is when prices of things go up because it’s more expensive to make them. This could be because the cost of materials, labor, or even energy has increased. So, to keep making profit, companies raise their prices.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cost Push Inflation

The followings are the advantages and disadvantages of Cost Push Inflation:

Advantages Disadvantages
Encourages technological innovation Reduces people’s purchasing power
Boosts export competitiveness Can lead to unemployment
May increase workers’ wages Increases production costs
Stimulates economic diversification May cause economic recession
Can lead to higher profits. Can discourage investment

Advantages and disadvantages of Cost Push Inflation

Advantages of Cost Push Inflation

  1. Encourages technological innovation – Cost push inflation can spark technological innovation as businesses seek ways to cut costs and increase efficiency.
  2. Boosts export competitiveness – This type of inflation can also make a country’s exports more competitive globally, as local costs rise and goods become more expensive to produce.
  3. May increase workers’ wages – There might be a rise in workers’ wages because businesses need to pay more to retain their employees amidst rising costs.
  4. Stimulates economic diversification – It can also stimulate economic diversification as businesses venture into different sectors to spread risk and increase resilience against inflation.
  5. Can lead to higher profits. – Lastly, it can result in higher profits for businesses if they can pass on the increased costs to consumers by raising prices.
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Disadvantages of Cost Push Inflation

  1. Reduces people’s purchasing power – Cost push inflation can shrink the money’s value, making things costlier and hence, lowering the buying ability of individuals.
  2. Can lead to unemployment – It can also cause job losses as businesses may cut down on labor to manage increased costs.
  3. Increases production costs – When prices of raw materials rise, it makes production more expensive, leading to higher prices for consumers.
  4. May cause economic recession – If not controlled, it can lead to a downturn in the economy as higher prices lower demand, affecting overall economic growth.
  5. Can discourage investment – Lastly, it can deter investors, as unpredictable inflation can make returns on investments uncertain.

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