Advantages and Disadvantages of Coal As Fuel

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What is Coal As Fuel?

Coal is a black or brown rock that we burn to produce heat. This heat is used in power plants to make electricity, or in homes for cooking and heating. Coal is considered a fossil fuel because it comes from plants that died millions of years ago.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Coal As Fuel

The followings are the advantages and disadvantages of Coal As Fuel:

Advantages Disadvantages
Abundant and globally available Pollutes the environment
Provides stable energy supply Non-renewable resource
Easy to transport and store Causes health problems
High energy output Contributes to climate change
Economically beneficial for many regions Mining destroys habitats

Advantages and disadvantages of Coal As Fuel

Advantages of Coal As Fuel

  1. Abundant and globally available – Coal is found in plenty all around the world, making it a reliable source of fuel.
  2. Provides stable energy supply – It provides a steady flow of energy, which is not dependent on weather conditions, unlike some renewable energy sources.
  3. Easy to transport and store – Coal is not difficult to move around and can be stored without much hassle, ensuring a continuous supply.
  4. High energy output – Compared to other fuels, coal gives off a large amount of energy when it’s burned, making it highly efficient.
  5. Economically beneficial for many regions – Many areas economically benefit from coal as it supports local jobs and contributes to regional economies.
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Disadvantages of Coal As Fuel

  1. Pollutes the environment – Coal burning releases harmful substances into the air, dirtying our environment and making the air less clean.
  2. Non-renewable resource – As a non-renewable resource, once coal is used up, it’s gone forever, which can lead to energy shortages in the future.
  3. Causes health problems – The pollutants from coal can cause serious health issues like lung diseases and heart conditions, affecting people’s quality of life.
  4. Contributes to climate change – Coal is a major contributor to climate change as it releases large amounts of carbon dioxide when burned, which increases global warming.
  5. Mining destroys habitats – Coal mining can lead to the destruction of natural habitats, harming wildlife and disrupting ecosystems.

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