Advantages and Disadvantages of Being An Athletic Trainer

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What is Being An Athletic Trainer?

An athletic trainer is a health professional who helps athletes prevent, recognize, and recover from injuries. They work closely with doctors to ensure athletes are physically ready and safe to play in their sports.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Being An Athletic Trainer

The followings are the advantages and disadvantages of Being An Athletic Trainer:

Advantages Disadvantages
Keeps you physically fit Long working hours
Learn about body mechanics Risk of injury
Opportunities to travel High stress levels
Helps others improve health Low starting salary
Constantly learning new techniques Limited personal time

Advantages and disadvantages of Being An Athletic Trainer

Advantages of Being An Athletic Trainer

  1. Keeps you physically fit – Being an athletic trainer helps maintain a high level of physical fitness due to regular exercise and active lifestyle.
  2. Learn about body mechanics – Gaining knowledge about body mechanics is another benefit, as trainers understand how the body moves and functions, aiding injury prevention.
  3. Opportunities to travel – With athletic events happening globally, trainers often get the chance to travel, experiencing different cultures and environments.
  4. Helps others improve health – Trainers positively impact others by helping improve their health, fitness levels, and overall well-being.
  5. Constantly learning new techniques – The field of athletic training is ever-evolving, offering the opportunity to continually learn and apply new techniques, keeping the job exciting and dynamic.
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Disadvantages of Being An Athletic Trainer

  1. Long working hours – Being an athletic trainer often means working beyond the standard 40-hour week, including weekends and holidays, which can be exhausting.
  2. Risk of injury – There’s a real risk of injury in this profession, as trainers may get hurt while demonstrating exercises or during on-field emergencies.
  3. High stress levels – The job can be stressful due to the pressure to help athletes recover quickly and perform at their peak.
  4. Low starting salary – Many athletic trainers don’t earn much when they first start out, which can be challenging, especially for those with student loans.
  5. Limited personal time – The demanding nature of the job often leaves little room for personal time, making work-life balance hard to achieve.

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