Advantages and Disadvantages of Behavioural Approach

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What is Behavioural Approach?

The behavioural approach is a way of studying how we act or behave. It believes our actions are mostly learned from our environment or experiences, not just from our thoughts or feelings. It’s often used in psychology to help change unwanted behaviours.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Behavioural Approach

The followings are the advantages and disadvantages of Behavioural Approach:

Advantages Disadvantages
Improves understanding of behavior Ignores biological influences
Encourages positive behavior change Over-simplifies human behaviour
Uses observable, measurable data Neglects personal feelings
Offers practical real-world applications Doesn’t consider unconscious mind
Helps in predicting future behavior Limited in explaining abnormalities

Advantages and disadvantages of Behavioural Approach

Advantages of Behavioural Approach

  1. Improves understanding of behavior – Behavioural approach enhances comprehension of actions by breaking down complex behaviours into smaller, understandable units.
  2. Encourages positive behavior change – It fosters a shift towards positive actions by rewarding good behaviour and discouraging negative ones.
  3. Uses observable, measurable data – This method relies on observable, quantifiable data, making the results more reliable and less subjective.
  4. Offers practical real-world applications – It provides practical applications in real-world settings such as classrooms, workplaces, and therapy sessions.
  5. Helps in predicting future behavior – By understanding the patterns in past behaviour, it aids in forecasting future actions, which can be essential in planning and decision-making.
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Disadvantages of Behavioural Approach

  1. Ignores biological influences – Behavioural approach often overlooks the role of biological factors like genetics and brain chemistry in shaping our actions and reactions.
  2. Over-simplifies human behaviour – It tends to simplify complex human behaviours, reducing them to mere responses to stimuli, which may not always be accurate.
  3. Neglects personal feelings – This approach often disregards personal feelings and emotions, focusing more on observable behaviours rather than the internal emotional state.
  4. Doesn’t consider unconscious mind – It doesn’t take into account the influence of the unconscious mind, which can significantly impact behaviour.
  5. Limited in explaining abnormalities – The behavioural approach also falls short when it comes to explaining abnormalities or disorders, as it mainly considers learned behaviours.

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