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Learn 10 sentences about Punjabi Culture in an easy to understand way.

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Punjabi culture has a unique blend of refinement and simplicity. Punjabis are family-oriented people who take pride in their culture, which has been influenced by its neighbours over the years

10 sentences on Punjabi Culture

  1. The Punjabi culture includes the Punjabi language and the regional heritage of Punjab, India.
  2. Punjabis are high spirited and liberal people.
  3. Punjabi culture is famous for its rich heritage and traditions.
  4. It’s a homegrown culture, which reflects in the food, clothes, language and way of living.
  5. Bhangra is one of the many Punjabi musical art forms that are increasingly listened to in the West and becoming a mainstream favourite.
  6. Punjabi wedding traditions and ceremonies are traditionally conducted in Punjabi and are a strong reflection of Punjabi culture.
  7. A Dastar is an proud of headgear associated with Sikhism and is an important part of the Punjabi and Sikh culture.
  8. The culture of Punjab is known to be one of the oldest and richest ones in the world.
  9. The diversity and uniqueness of the state are seen in the poetry, spirituality, education, artistry, music, cuisine, architecture, traditions of Punjab.
  10. Throughout the world, many compilations of Punjabi poetry and literature is being translated into various languages.
  11. The traditional dress that Punjabi men wear is a Punjabi Kurta and Tehmat plus turban.
  12. The women wear the traditional dress of a Punjabi Salwar Suit and Patiala Salwar.

So, this is 10 points on Punjabi Culture in an easy-to-understand way.

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