Write 10 Lines on My Vision for India in 2047

I am excited to share my vision for India in 2047. As a child, I always dreamed of the future. I would imagine what it would be like to live in the year 2047, and how the world would look. I think about India in 2047 often. What will it be like? How will it have changed from today? How will we have progressed?

10 sentences on My Vision for India in 2047

  1. My vision for India in 2047 is that we are a world power.
  2. In my vision, there is no poverty or hunger, so people don’t have to struggle to find food or clean water.
  3. I imagine a place where people are not judged by their race or religion, but rather by their character and actions.
  4. I dream of a country where children are encouraged to explore their innate creativity rather than being pushed into paths that are already laid out for them.
  5. I want to see India as the world leader when it comes to technology and innovation.
  6. I want to live in a country where there is no corruption, crime rates are low and people respect each other’s religious beliefs.
  7. I see a India where everyone has access to healthcare when they need it most—whether that’s during childbirth or an emergency appendectomy.
  8. My vision for India in 2047 is one where everyone lives freely from oppression by another person or group.
  9. The gap between rich and poor will be smaller.
  10. I see a country where education is not just free, but easily accessible online as well as at traditional schools and universities.
  11. I see India as a country where people are living longer and healthier lives.
  12. I have a dream that India will be a country where people from all walks of life are treated with dignity and respect.

So, this is 10 points on My Vision for India in 2047 in an easy-to-understand way.

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