Write 10 Lines on My Neighbour

A neighbor is someone who lives near you, in the house or apartment next door. They are part of your community and you can interact with them daily.

10 sentences on My Neighbour for kids (set #1)

  1. My neighbour lives next door to my house.
  2. She is a kind lady who always greets us with a smile.
  3. Her name is Mrs. Wilson, and she has two children.
  4. Her children are friendly and love to play with us.
  5. Mrs. Wilson often bakes delicious cookies and shares them with us.
  6. She is always helpful and takes care of our plants when we are away.
  7. Mrs. Wilson is a teacher and helps us with our homework sometimes.
  8. She has a beautiful garden where we enjoy playing together.
  9. On weekends, we sometimes have picnics in our backyard with her family.
  10. We are very lucky to have such a nice neighbour like Mrs. Wilson.

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10 lines on My Neighbour (set #2)

  1. My neighbor is a friendly person who always smiles and greets me.
  2. She lives in the house next to ours and has a beautiful garden in front of her house.
  3. Her name is Mrs. Brown and she has a cute little dog named Coco.
  4. Coco is a friendly dog, and she loves to play with children.
  5. Mrs. Brown often invites us to her garden and shares some of her fruits and vegetables with us.
  6. She even taught me how to plant seeds and take care of plants.
  7. Whenever my parents are not home, I can always count on Mrs. Brown to keep an eye on me and my little sister.
  8. She is a retired teacher and sometimes helps me with my homework too.
  9. She always listens to me patiently and gives me good advice.
  10. During Christmas, she gives us cookies and small gifts.
  11. Mrs. Brown is a kind and caring person who makes our neighborhood a happy place to live in.
  12. I am glad to have her as my neighbor and friend.

So, this is 10 points on My Neighbour in an easy-to-understand way.


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