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Monkeys are fascinating creatures, aren’t they? They are known for their playful nature and incredible agility. These mammals belong to the primate family, just like humans. They come in different sizes and colors, each species with its own unique traits.

Did you know that monkeys are very intelligent? They use tools, communicate effectively, and even display human-like emotions. From the smallest pygmy marmoset to the largest mandrill, monkeys are truly captivating animals.

10 sentences on Monkey for kids (set #1)

  1. Monkeys are fun animals that love to play and swing in trees.
  2. Some monkeys, like the spider monkey, have long tails they use to grab branches.
  3. Monkeys eat fruits, leaves, and sometimes even small insects.
  4. There are many types of monkeys, like chimpanzees, baboons, and gorillas.
  5. Monkeys are very good climbers and spend most of their time in trees.
  6. A group of monkeys is called a troop.
  7. Baby monkeys are called infants, just like human babies.
  8. Monkeys use different sounds, facial expressions, and body movements to communicate.
  9. Some monkeys, like the mandrill, have very colorful faces.
  10. Monkeys can be found in different parts of the world, like Africa, Asia, and South America.
  11. Monkeys are very smart and can use tools to get food.
  12. People need to protect monkeys because some types are in danger of disappearing.
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10 lines on Monkey (set #2)

  1. Monkeys are known to be very intelligent and curious creatures.
  2. There are over 260 different species of monkeys in the world.
  3. Monkeys use vocalizations, facial expressions, and body movements to communicate.
  4. Some monkeys, like the Spider Monkey, have a prehensile tail which they use as a fifth limb.
  5. Monkeys are often seen in groups called troops, which can have up to several hundred members.
  6. The smallest monkey is the Pygmy Marmoset, which can be as small as 4.6 inches.
  7. Monkeys are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and meat.
  8. Most monkeys live in forest environments, but some species can live in grasslands or mountain areas.
  9. Monkeys have a lifespan ranging from 10 to 50 years, depending on the species.
  10. The Mandrill is the most colorful monkey, known for its bright blue and red face.
  11. Monkeys play an important role in the ecosystem by dispersing seeds through their droppings.
  12. Some monkeys, like the Capuchin Monkey, are known to use tools to get food.

So, this is 10 points on Monkey in an easy-to-understand way.

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