Write 10 Lines on Indian Army

The Indian Army is a brave and powerful military force that protects our country and its people. They are the guardians of our freedom and ensure that we can live peacefully in our own country.

10 sentences on Indian Army

  1. The Indian Army was formed on April 1st, 1895.
  2. It is the world’s third-largest military force with over 1.3 million active soldiers.
  3. The Indian Army is divided into several branches including the infantry, armor, artillery, and engineering.
  4. The Indian Army is well equipped with modern weapons and technology.
  5. The Indian Army is always ready to defend our country against any threat, whether it be from within or outside of India.
  6. They work closely with the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy to ensure the security of our country.
  7. The Indian Army has a rich history of bravery and courage and has served our country with distinction in many wars and conflicts.
  8. They make numerous sacrifices to ensure the safety and security of our country and its citizens.
  9. The Indian Army also plays an important role in United Nations peacekeeping missions around the world.
  10. The Indian Army is a symbol of our strength and determination, and we are proud to have them protect us.
  11. Every year, the Indian Army celebrates its anniversary on January 15th with parades and ceremonies across the country.
  12. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the brave soldiers of the Indian Army for their service and sacrifice.

So, this is 10 points on Indian Army in an easy-to-understand way.

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