Write 10 Lines on Hyderabad

Hyderabad, a bustling city in India, is a blend of rich history and modernity. It’s famous for its unique culture, mouth-watering cuisine, and iconic landmarks.

You’ll find a mix of old and new in Hyderabad. It’s a city where centuries-old architecture stands alongside sleek skyscrapers, offering a captivating sight.

10 sentences on Hyderabad for kids (set #1)

  1. Hyderabad is a big city in the southern part of India.
  2. It is known as the City of Pearls because of its famous pearl trade.
  3. The city has a big lake called Hussain Sagar, with a tall Buddha statue in the middle.
  4. Hyderabad’s Charminar is a famous monument built long ago.
  5. The Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is one of the largest film studios in the world.
  6. Hyderabad’s food is very tasty, especially the biryani, a spicy rice dish.
  7. The Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad is home to many different animals.
  8. Hyderabad also has a big science museum called Birla Science Museum.
  9. The Golconda Fort is a historic place in Hyderabad that was once a diamond trading center.
  10. Hyderabad’s Salar Jung Museum has lots of old and interesting things to see.
  11. The city has a mix of different cultures and languages, but most people speak Telugu and Urdu.
  12. Hyderabad is also known for its IT companies and is sometimes called Cyberabad.
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10 lines on Hyderabad (set #2)

  1. Hyderabad is the capital city of the Indian state Telangana.
  2. The city is famous for its unique culture, a blend of Hindi, Telugu, and Urdu.
  3. Hyderabad is known as the “City of Pearls”, due to its once booming pearl and diamond trading.
  4. The Charminar, an iconic monument, is one of the most recognized structures in India.
  5. Hyderabad is home to many historic sites like Golconda Fort and Qutb Shahi Tombs.
  6. The city’s cuisine is rich with dishes like Hyderabadi Biryani and Haleem.
  7. Hyderabad also houses Ramoji Film City, the largest film studio complex in the world.
  8. The city has a well-developed IT sector, earning it the nickname “Cyberabad”.
  9. Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is among the best in India.
  10. The city’s public transportation includes buses, auto-rickshaws, and a metro rail system.
  11. Hyderabad is also known for its thriving pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
  12. The city hosts many festivals, with the Deccan Festival being one of the most popular.

So, this is 10 points on Hyderabad in an easy-to-understand way.

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