Write 10 Lines on How I Spent My Winter Holidays

Winter holidays are the time when school is closed and children have time to do the things they love.

10 sentences on How I Spent My Winter Holidays

  1. I visited my grandparents and spent time with them.
  2. I made snowmen and played in the snow with my friends.
  3. I went ice-skating and had so much fun!
  4. I spent time playing board games with my family.
  5. I learned how to make a bird feeder and put it in my yard.
  6. I visited a museum and learned about different cultures and history.
  7. I went for long walks in the park and took in the beautiful scenery.
  8. I went on a winter hike and saw many different types of animals.
  9. I went to a winter festival and tried new foods and activities.
  10. I enjoyed hot cocoa and snuggled up by the fire with my family.
  11. I helped my dad with some home improvement projects.
  12. I had a wonderful time during my winter holidays and made many happy memories.

So, this is 10 points on How I Spent My Winter Holidays in an easy-to-understand way.

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